How Have Automation and Trade Affected the Taxable Share of Covered Earnings?

Gal Wettstein and Kimberly Blanton
January 14, 2019

Rising U.S. income inequality is pushing more high-income workers above Social Security’s payroll tax cap and shrinking the share of all workers’ earnings subject to this tax. Trade with China is driving up inequality, which is one part of the reason for the drop in the taxable share of earnings.

Cognitive Aging and the Ability to Work

Anek Belbase and Kimberly Blanton
October 19, 2017

Cognitive aging could hinder productivity by reducing the brain’s processing ability (“fluid” intelligence). But research shows that productivity generally does not decline with age. Only a minority of workers are vulnerable: those in jobs that require very high levels of fluid intelligence and those who experience cognitive impairment.

How Job Options Narrow for Older Workers by Socioeconomic Status

Matthew S. Rutledge and Kimberly Blanton
March 27, 2017

Job-changers over age 50 increasingly end up in “old-person” jobs, with a high share of older hires relative to prime-age hires. New research finds the overall outlook has improved since the late 1990s for all groups, particularly for older women with more education.

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