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Winter 2020 Newsletter

Featuring new research on Social Security, 401(k)s, and aging in place.

2020 Presidential Candidates’ Views on Social Security

The 2020 presidential candidates have proposed various changes to Social Security's retirement program.

National Retirement Risk Index

Unique index for tracking the retirement preparedness of today’s workers.


This new report explores options for improving access to workplace retirement savings plans.

Squared Away Blog

WSJ cites Squared Away Blog as top resource for retirement planning.

Multiemployer Pension Plans

Any solution must be comprehensive, not only helping those in serious trouble today but also staving off future problems.

New Public Plans Data

Updated 2019 data on the Public Plans Data website gives users access to over 100 variables on 190 state and local pension plans.

Homepage of the PPD website


CRR researchers break down money and retirement in our new podcast series.